How Yoga Can Improve Your Lifestyle

How Yoga Can Improve Your Lifestyle

There are a lot of health benefits you can gain from yoga that will improve your overall lifestyle. Many experts support this claim. If you want to learn more, then continue reading them below.

Reduce Cravings

The University of Washington in USA has done research on how practising yoga daily is associated with mindful eating–which is the physical and emotional awareness and sensation related to eating.

The connection between your mind and body will strengthen through the regular practice of yoga. It can aid you in saying no to your cravings by helping you tune into your emotions and by doing some breathing exercises to slow you down and guide you into making better choices.

Boost Sleep Quality

People who suffer from insomnia can benefit from yoga. Harvard researchers have found out that yoga when done daily can boost sleep quality significantly. Meanwhile, a study done by the University of Rochester Medical Center says that it can also help cancer survivors fell less tired and sleep better. Mitchel Bleier, yoga teacher, states that this happens because yoga ultimately helps people relax and de-stress.

Ease Headaches and Migraines

Today, you would often find yourself hunch over your smartphones or computer with your head forward and your shoulders up. This position causes the tightening of your neck and the over lifting of the trapezius, which greatly contribute to migraines and headaches. The National Center for Biotechnology Information states that their research shows that yoga corrects this posture. This means that those who practice it suffer less painful migraines and headaches.

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Improve Immunity

Yoga has the ability to help you breathe better–which means that your organs are able function well because of the improve circulation of oxygen in your body. A Norwegian study even found out that it can improve your immunity at a cellular level through the changes it causes in your gene expression. It even compares the immunity of yoga participants to those who are part of a control group that went on a hike–stating that yoga enthusiasts have a greater immunity.

Boost Concentration and Memory

According to Women’s Fitness, yoga has been scientifically proven to be effective in boosting your concentration as well as your memory skills. There are many poses you can do that would help you improve them.

Dharana is one of them. It calms the senses and clears the head. It also improves your focus by removing the static noise in your mind. Regular yoga can lead to your brain performing better.

Assist with Depression and Anxiety

An article published by Harvard University has talked about yoga being able to help with people who suffer from depression and anxiety. After all, it is consists of various activities like exercise, socialization, meditation, and relaxation. They are well-known contributors to having a better mental health by lowering down your heart rate and blood pressure. Yoga can also improve your respiration as well as provide you a much cheaper means to treat these two mental illnesses.

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Yoga is also very easy and convenient to do. You can easily set up a place where you can perform yoga in a condo for sale in The Fort. All you need is a mat and you are set to go.