Secret Tricks Of Maintaining Thick Hair With Pleasure

Secret Tricks Of Maintaining Thick Hair With Pleasure

These simple tips will help you to receive pleasure from thick hair maintenance.

Purchase strong tools

Thick hair is very difficult to control, so you need trustworthy allies such as strong tools and accessories. Hairstylists at the Best Salon NYC recommend buying a comb that won’t break during the first attempt to detangle your hair. The same goes with accessories – regular bobby pins and elastic are not for you, so make good choices.

Divide into sections

Sections are the key to success when styling, shampooing, conditioning, or detangling thick locks. Since you have so much hair, it’s essential to work through each strand. A sectioning technique is very important when applying products because they won’t work effectively unless they reach each hair on your head.

Time your care routine

Thick hair requires much more time for washing, drying, and styling. Being late because you didn’t have enough time to dry your locks isn’t a good excuse; for this reason, it’s essential to time your hair care routine. For example, shampoo your locks in the evening if you have plans for the early morning of the next day. Hopefully, you get the idea and won’t get into embarrassing situations anymore!

Don’t skimp on product

Our logic is simple – if you have more hair, you need more product. It has to cover each section of your mane in order to bring the desired results. Don’t worry about your budget! According to experts at the Best Salon NYC, there are quality hair products at a fair price, so there is no need to buy expensive stuff.

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