Little Secrets Of Great-Looking Hands

Little Secrets Of Great-Looking Hands

For some reason, we often forget to give our hands enough attention. We’ve decided to fix this and share a few simple tricks, which guarantee awesome results:

Hydrate throughout the day

Great-looking hands begin with rich and regular hydration. You have to understand that a portion of lotion in the morning isn’t enough to keep your skin moisturized throughout the day. Make a habit of using hand cream each time you wash your hands – your limbs will appreciate it!

Wear gloves when necessary

Skin of our hands is very delicate, so it’s essential to protect it with gloves whenever necessary. Experts at the Best Salon NYC recommend putting on rubber gloves when washing the dishes. Hot water and cleaning agents can make your skin feel dry. You should also keep your hands in warmth during cold winter season.

Take care of your cuticles

There is nothing worse than dry cuticles ruining the beauty of your nails and hands. It’s essential to use a cuticle or nail oil for keeping your skin hydrated and soft; moreover, your nails will benefit as well. This simple trick will keep your hands looking great even if you don’t have time for a manicure.

Use an exfoliator weekly

If we exfoliate our face, why don’t we exfoliate our hands? This procedure is a great decision if you want to have unbelievably soft and smooth skin. An exfoliator removes dead skin cells, thus making your hands look brand new. According to experts at the Best Salon NYC, it also encourages a better absorption of lotion.

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Follow these simple tips to have great-looking hands!