How to Get Back to Exercising After A Break

How to Get Back to Exercising After A Break

It has been a while since the last time you went for a proper workout and you’re in need of a functional workout regime that will give healthy results fast. This is not about pushing yourself over the limit, or unnecessarily stressing your body, this is about you walking your way slowly but effectively in a steady and fruitful workout plan. We’re here to give advice and important steps for you to take, and rest is up to you. Good luck!

Starting slow

Even though giving into a couch potato state after a long day seems like a perfect solution to de-stress, this is actually the worst mistake you can make. Even worse if you have a sedentary job. So instead of keeping on sitting, do a bit of moving around, start slowly. Do some light exercising for 20 minutes the first day. You will feel great! After a day of break, increase the time to 30 minutes. Keep it up until you reach a point in workout that gives you endorphins and challenges your muscles, and leaves you with nothing but progress. When you do that at least three times a week you should know you’re on a good track!

Partner Up

The easiest way of staying active! If you have a partner, or a friend with some extra free time, find something that you can do together. Do the same when you are hitting the gym, in fact, having a personal instructor and a trainer is a great help. They can motivate you, push you a little bit further, and in general they seem very excited when someone takes interest in their work. And please don’t feel ashamed if you have that belly hanging out while you work out, feel ashamed if you’re not doing anything about it.

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Stretching Out

Here is a fun fact, a medieval doctor and alchemist named Avicenna was the first physician who pointed out how much a good stretch out is important, back in approximately 1000 AD. Since we are doing this for thousands of years, there is no reason why you shouldn’t do it as well! Actually, it is very important to stretch out, because it helps your range of motion, prepares your joints for a workout and makes you more flexible. Here are some good instructions on how to do it properly, and take your time with it, make it through.

The notorious dieting

Our greatest archenemy and the most vicious opponent, the diet. Someone will tell you that it is the matter of character, someone will tell you that life is too short for a diet, but the truth is – once your workout sessions start showing results, and that should be in less than two months, diet comes very easy. Also, you should keep in mind that your body will require more nutrients than usual. Especially proteins as they are building blocks of our muscles. However, protein intake during a day is sometimes very hard to maintain, so you might think about opting for some supplements specially designed to activate muscle protein synthesis, like Legion Whey +. Their leucin-based formula is founded on a research that showed how adding leucine to post-workout meal helps in stimulating the muscles and supporting their growth.

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We will let you go to your stretch out with this final suggestion on how to kick start your diet, but you know the rules already! No fatty, sugary, high calorie foods whatsoever, eat only small meals on about every two hours, and never after 6 pm.

And most importantly, keep a healthy mind and an optimistic view forward and healthy changes are bound to happen.