Eyebrow Shaving Tips for Women

Eyebrow Shaving Tips for Women

Eyebrow shaving is not exactly the most popular method for keeping your eyebrows trimmed, but it is the quickest way to do so.

If done correctly, shaving eyebrows might be a good alternative to waxing, tweezing or electrolysis.

Shaving eyebrows correctly without altering the natural shape of your brows or getting them too thin would involve special eyebrow shaving tools you should use. When you shave eyebrows, there is always the danger of overdoing it. Regular razors are usually not narrow enough to fit the delicate tissue above your eyelids. Normal razors meant for your face or legs can not give you enough control to allow you to shape and contour your brows to give it the most fashionable style.

Should you shave your eyebrows or not?

Many women shape eyebrows and remove their unwanted stray hairs by plucking them. It is easy, fast, often not too uncomfortable and very convenient to do (you can do it while getting ready for work, before applying make-up, for example). Some women let their brow grooming go longer so that they can do it altogether and have a big brow project ahead. Eyebrow shaving can be quite quick, but having the right shaving tools is a must, or else your eyebrows might look like a disaster afterwards!

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If you must shave your eyebrows, you can use shavers that are intended for small and delicate areas. There are eyebrow razors and kits available in the market so make sure you get one. Remember too that unlike plucking, shaving only removes the hair on the surface of your browse, so you will most probably need to shave regularly to keep that clean brow look.

Eyebrow Shaving Tips for Women

Always shave brows at a time when you are not rushed and most comfortable Eyebrow shaving should not be done haphazardly; you need to be careful that you shave only the right areas.

Choose a location where you feel most comfortable in. You can do it in a variety of ways and places such as in the shower or while taking a bath. Do what will work best for you and do it in the way you are most at ease with.

Use a safe, disposable eyebrow razor. As much as possible, do not share a razor with a friend or even a family member.

Make sure that the brow area you want to shave is wet.

Before shaving, apply a hypoallergenic shaving lotion or cream. Try not to use body wash or those creams that are perfumed, as they can cause irritation.

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Use a visible marker such as a brow pencil to mark the shape you want for your eyebrows, and shave the parts outside this area.

After shaving, make sure that you apply a good moisturizer to the area that you have shaved. (Do not use perfumed ones.) Moisturizers help prevent your skin to dry and also prevent the possibility of ingrown hairs.

Remember that eyebrow shaving should be done with utmost care. If you could get a beauty expert to do it for you, the much better the results would be. But despite the risk of overdoing it and the possibility of having to do it regularly, eyebrow shaving is still by far the most easy and convenient way for keeping your eyebrows clean and well-shaped.