Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes: Benefits and Perks when Used

Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes: Benefits and Perks when Used

Although some people have been familiar with the usage and function of coconut shell charcoal briquette, not many understand the benefits. When you use coconut fruit, you create coconut shell waste, which can still be useful as fuels. Yes, it’s possible to use the shell for cooking, and you won’t even have to worry about the side effects. So, what are the benefits?

Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquette Durability

When compared to woods, coconut shells are actually more durable. The fire can last longer with higher heat for more effective burning. You can make the cooking process go faster, while making less waste altogether. Another plus side is that the coconut shells are generally cheaper. Don’t you love it when you can spend very little and yet you can cook faster with more effective results?

Eco Friendly

Coconut shells are a part of renewable energy, which means that the supply is limitless. You will never run out of coconut shells, just so you know. When compared to the wood charcoal, you won’t even have to cut a tree or such thing alike. Once you have used up the coconut, you can simply use the shell instead of throwing it away.

Moreover, the coconut shell briquette is biodegradable. You can use the ash for plants, and you basically have fed those plants. The coconut shell has zero chemical contents. It’s completely safe and pollutant-free. And it’s good for the environment; not only for humans.

Cooking Safe

The coconut briquette doesn’t produce any weird after taste or funny smell. That’s why it’s considered ideal for cooking. When you cooking by using the briquette, there is no funky odor or unpleasant after taste that will linger on your food. The briquette doesn’t have any dangerous or toxic substances, so using one for your cooking will actually improve the taste quality without endangering your food.

Ideal for Outdoor Cooking

If you are into barbeque or grilling, then you should seriously consider using the coconut briquette. They are relatively easy (and super straightforward) to light. They have low moisture content but higher density, resulting in better and steadier burning efficiency. Not to mention that they can ignite pretty fast. When you use the briquette, you can cut off the preparation time for the barbecue or the grill.

Because of the easy lighting, the briquette is considered ideal for outdoor cooking. If you like to spend some time camping or doing adventurous exploration outdoor, it’s only logical to use this coconut briquette. You don’t have to do any complex preparation or fussy planning to cook your food.

Homemade Convenience

Think about making your own briquette? Why not? After all, the process is quite straightforward and simple. People with limited financial ability turn to this coconut briquette instead of using gas. Think about making extra money on the side? Making the briquette is quite direct and straightforward. As long as you have constant and steady access to the coconut shell waste, then you should have no problem making the briquette by yourself.

Little Smoke

The biggest advantage of using the briquette is the smoke production. Unlike wood charcoal, coconut briquette produces very little smoke. When you cook with this briquette, the process is relatively clean. No more thick or heavy smokes resulting from the process. That’s why more people like to use coconut briquette for cooking rather than the wood charcoal.

Final Words

Coconut briquette is a biodegradable stuff that isn’t only cheap and plentiful, but it’s also promising. It packs tons of good perks that can affect your cooking in the most positive way, and yet, it’s also good for Mother Nature. Once you understand about these benefits of coconut shell charcoal briquette, do you still want to use the gas?