Best Beauty Recipes – Your Makeup for A Romantic Date

Best Beauty Recipes – Your Makeup for A Romantic Date

The best beauty recipes are your makeup for a romantic date. Do you soon have a walk with a loved one, a first date or especially a basic dinner for two? To the moments such a special approach is necessary for everyone, including when applying make-up. He at once allows you to create the most brilliant image and perfectly emphasize elegance, your beauty. Before you apply the makeup, you need to prepare a face. This is an ordinary procedure. The skin before this must be cleaned, later rubbed with lotion and apply a day cream. Then you need to evenly apply a clear intonation cream on your face, distributing it with circular motions.

Later put a powder layer that will make even the skin. The next stage is the makeup of the eye. Choose a suitable color gamut of shadows. Say, gray-blue, cold. To begin with, you need to put a shade of shade on the area under the eyebrows and to the fold of the century. This will visually increase the eye, lift the eyebrow. On the inner half of the upper century, the more dark tone is applied and scrupulously grows.

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This layer slightly overlaps the previous one, so that there is no invisible transition between them. The makeup also gives special attention to the lower eyelid, namely its part of the outer one. With matte or beige shadows, you need to draw a line to the inner eye of the corner. This easy eye-catching will emphasize and deepen more.

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As usual, the mascara should be applied in several layers. Later apply one layer, wait a certain time to dry up. Later it is necessary to impose the next layer. To apply mascara over 3 times is not recommended. It will begin to crumble, and it will be the result of dark circles under the eyes. To complete the makeup of a romantic need to allocate eyebrows.

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for this, a pencil of chestnut color is taken and the usual methodology is applied to the eyebrows. The main thing about makeup is the application of blush. With their support, the face of the oval is emphasized, it will become a bit tighter. It is necessary to direct your attention to the fact that to get such a result, pink-pink-pink blush is taken, are applied to the surface of the cheekbones of the side.